Tepid Waters Swim Club
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Appearances No P in the OOL

Tepid Waters Swim Club is the public pool in Sector V's neighborhood where there is kid swim time and adult swim time. The water in the pool was all drained out by Numbuh 1 while the KND were on a mission to end the extended adult swim time. The lifeguards that work here, or rather used to work here, are Mr. Wink and Mr. Fibb, who had extended adult swim time to extreme lengths, preventing kids such as the Sector V team from swimming in the pool, and sending them to the super-uncomfortable kiddie pool. Numbuh 1 didn't know how to work Wink and Fibb's Superchairs, causing him to accidentally drain the water in the pool, which resulted in Wink and Fibb losing their lifeguard jobs here.

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