The Toiletnator Henchmen

The Toiletnator Henchmen have only been in Operation: V.I.D.E.O.G.A.M.E.. Like you would guess, the Toiletnator henchmen have something in common with a toilet.


Poohemoth is one of the henchmen to the Toiletnator. They are hulking creatures literally made out of poop. This ugly thing comes from the flood of a toilet. They attack by throwing some of themselves at their enemies. The only way to stop it is by smashing the toilet it came from.

Scummy Mummies

The Scummy Mummies are just mummies of toiletpaper. It can camouflage itself like a roll of paper, or it comes out of the air. It attacks by throwing a roll of toiletpaper or by punching you. There are two kinds of this monster. There is the molded Scummy Mummy and the normal Scummy Mummy.