KND Tummy Trouble

This is a Cartoon Network game.


Cafeteria Reconnaissance has revealed the entrance to Gramma Stuffum`s Sinister Kitchen complex. This facility must be neutralized. Her campaign to fatten up the world`s children has incapacitated our entire task force. You are the only one left, Numbuh 1. Do not fail.

Operation stats

Numbuh 1 game

Villain: Gramma Stuffum and the Food Army

Allies: None

Cameos: None

KND Technology: G.U.M.Z.O.O.K.A.

Enemy Technology used: Icy Frezer, Pie Four, Giant Sausage Maker, many more.


Aim with Mouse

Fire with Left Mouse Button

Move with Arrows

Enemies and Bosses


Hairy Sausages: 3 hits

Meat Pies: 2 hits

Ice Cubes: 1 hit

Lettuce Roll: 4 hits


Gramma Stuffum (All 3 levels)

How to beat bosses

Gramma Stuffum

At first she`ll launch some enemies, then she`ll protect herself with something. Defeat the enemies, then attack! Repeat many times until she`s defeated. This technique works for the 3 boss battles.

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