This is the official suggestion blog for the wiki. It's where people can post ideas and thoughts that we can do for the wiki or improve on. So let's begin!

Main Page

I think we should "totally" redo the main page. I mean it looks sorta empty.


Alright, I think this wiki should have a little featured vote off. As in forums where people can ether support or oppose a user, article, image, and quote, but since the articles still need improvement and there are not a lot of users. We can probably start off with having a featured image and quote, but it has to get changed weekly. Then as the wiki starts getting more users and the articles start looking better, then we can have a featured user and article.

So yeah, this is what I think might make this wiki better. Anyway, I'll be updating this once and a while. Now what is your take one these ideas, or what ideas do you have in mind. =)

NThree Talk to me! :3| 15:13, March 25, 2012 (UTC)

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