We're Us and They're Them is a song performed in the musical in Operation: L.O.V.E..


Numbuh 5: Where ya gotta go 'ta?
Numbuh 2: Out there's nothin' but troubles
Numbuh 1: Stay and have a soda
Watch the pretty bubbles

Numbuh 5: Why all the fuss?
Numbuh 1: You're acting dumb
Numbuh 5: Just hang with us
Numbuh 2: You want a plum?

Numbuh 1,2,5: Don't join those other guys
'Cuz they don't know squat
So c'mon, girl, get wise
Numbuh 2: How 'bout a kumquat?

Numbuh 3: Perhaps I'd take the cherry,
But first, answer this query:
Why must we fight every day, every night?
It isn't right!

Numbuh 1: Ahem! We're us and they're them
and we'll never be pals
Numbuh 1,2,5 and backing dancers: We're us and they're them
with those guys and those gals

We're us and they're them
We wear jeans, they wear leather
We're us and they're them
so why hang together?

We're us and they're them
they're wrong and we're right
We're us and they're them
and that's why we must fight!

Numbuh 3: But not tonight
It's tearing me apart
I've got to listen to my heart
And right now, I'm gonna start
I now depart!

(Ooh, that's tart!)

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